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Amethyst Supports Well-Being

Amethyst is a widely available stone. Large geodes can get pricey, but for the sizes used for personal energy balancing work are usually affordable. It can be found in clusters or single crystals. Rough, tumbled or polished, the benefits of amethyst are many!

Amethyst is deeply connected to our spirituality.

Amethyst is a crown chakra stone that is also of benefit to our third eye, or brow, chakra. This makes it a stone deeply connected to our spirituality. Our crown chakra is our connection to the divine and our third eye chakra is stimulates our own insight. Amethyst and selenite make good partners for upper chakra balancing.

Amethyst and selenite support upper chakra balance.

From a spiritual perspective, amethyst enhances our love of the divine. It encourages us to be more selfless and is a useful tool for meditation in general.

As it stimulates our insight, it supports better decision making and helps cope with change. Using amethyst can transitions smoother, both in this body and as we physically move on to what comes next.

Some say amethyst is a helpful tool for overcoming insomnia and holding nightmares at bay. It is considered a stone of protection and used in purification ceremonies. This is why I partner amethyst elixir and sage infused oil in my Kitchen Witch Herbals Smudge Yourself soap.

Sage is an herbal ally of amethyst.

For these reasons and more, amethyst is an important tool for your crystal toolkit that supports physical, emotional and mental well-being.

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