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Clear Quartz, Master Healer

Clear quartz is often referred to as the master healer. It is an energy amplifier, increasing the benefits of other stones near a clear quartz. Clear quartz is said to bring energy to its most perfect state. The high vibrational frequency of clear quartz makes it a partner of the crown chakra.

Clear quartz is an efficient and effective cleaner. It cleanses on an energetic and physical level, clearing residue from the aura, the chakras, the organs, and other stones.

Clear Quartz Points

It is important to remember that healing is not without discomfort. Often as we heal, the negative aspects of the process can be amplified as we go through it. Think about how that cut itched like crazy before the scab fell off, or how that headache intensified just before it went away. This is how working with clear quartz can go.

If this seems like more that you are up for, I suggest using a milky quartz, or even a snow quartz, instead. Using one of these stones can allow for a little more gentle transition. I am not suggesting that it will make for a painless transition. That is often up to each individual and how resistant they are to change, or the lesson associated with it.

Milky Quartz Palm Stones

A small clear quartz point can do double duty as a pendant and a pendulum. Spheres, either worn on the body or places in the environment, give off an even energetic benefit. Clusters point energy out in many directions and will offer a nesting place for smaller stones if you want to amplify their benefits in your space. Clear quartz is easy to obtain and is available in many shapes and sizes.

In The Stone Vision Oracle, clear quartz signifies restoration.

How can clear quartz bring you back to wholeness?