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Dream Pillows

An old tradition that is being rediscovered is the use of dream pillows. Adding these sachet-like, herb filled pillows can stimulate and guide your dreams. The herbs that are chosen can enhance dreaming, encourage a sense of calm, and even reduce the discomfort of a headache. You may choose to record your dreams in a dream journal.

My Dream Team

Using a dream pillow is easy! Dream pillows are small sachet-like pillows that typically hold a small amount of dried herbs and a fiber fill material that creates a light weight pillow. When you want to access the benefits of your chosen herb or herbal mixture, just tuck it into your pillow case or amongst the pillows on your bed. Place your dream pillow in a sealed bag when it is not in use to prolong its life. Dream pillows should be used for a maximum of 10 days at a time.

My Favorite Dream Pillow

If you notice that the scent of your dream pillow is not as strong as it had been, squeeze the pillow gently between your hands to crush the contents and release more of the aromatic oils of the herb. Essential oils should never be used in a dream pillow.

Lavender, Lavendula angustafolia

There are many herbs that can, and are, used in dream pillows. The most popular single herb is Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris. Mugwort is credited with stimulating and enhancing dreams. The aroma of Mugwort encourages relaxation and can assist with dream recall.

Mugwort Dream Pillow from Kitchen Witch Herbals

Herbs that encourage and enhance dreaming include:

  • Lemon Verbena, Aloysia triphylla
  • Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris
  • Peppermint, Mentha X piperita
  • Spearmint or garden mint, Mentha spicata
  • Thyme, Thymus vulgaris
Headache Relief Dream Pillow from Kitchen Witch Herbals

Herbs that are calming and bring on restful sleep include:

  • Catnip, Nepeta cataria
  • Chamomile, Chamomilla recutita
  • Hops, Humulus lupulus
  • Lavender, Lavendula officinalis, or L. angustifolia
  • Lemon Balm, Melissa officinalis
  • Marjoram, Origanum Majorana
  • Rose (Petals), Rosa spp.
  • Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalus

Herbs to avoid as they can stimulate nightmares and fitful sleep:

  • Bay, Laurus nobilis
  • Sage, Salvia officinalis
  • Tansy, Tanacetum vulgare
  • Tarragon, Artemisia Dracunculus

**Please note: Anyone can have, or develop a sensitivity, to one of the herbs on this list so use caution. Chamomile is a member of the plant family that causes hay fever. Lavender is related to sage and can effect people differently, even in the same family.

Certified Organic Mugwort from Mountain Rose Herbs

I recommend that you only use dream pillows made with certified organic herbs, or ones that you know to be pesticide free. These may come from your own garden if you make your own pillows. You can find pillows for purchase on line, but it is fun to make your own dream pillows from fabric that suits your personality, or the mood that you want to create.

Make Dream Pillows to Suit Your Personality

I would love to hear from you if you try, or already using, a dream pillow. Tell me about your experience and your favorite recipe!

See you soon! -Judy

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