How Distance Healing Works

Distance energy healing works thorough subtle energy exchange. The practitioner connects with the recipient through the use of any of a variety of techniques that may include words or phrases, symbols, mudra, visualization, prayer, good wishes, or just pure intention.

In Reiki the practice typically includes the use a proxy, a stand in that symbolizes the recipient. This may include a doll or stuffed animal, a visual representation, using a corresponding body part, or visualization.

Using a doll, stuffed animal, or even a pillow allows the practitioner to identify for practical reasons, where there hands would be placed above the actual body of the recipient. A proxy drawing allows for the same type of use. A practitioner can also use one of their own body parts to send, for example placing my right hand on my left elbow to correspond to a clients left elbow.

Visualize a Body of Clean, Clear Water

Visualization is especially useful when working with animals. I often utilize the idea of a body of water from which the animal can drink from, or swim in, depending on the extent of their willingness.

Group distance session are done in a similar way, however; the energy connection goes out to more than one person. In this case a bowl or box holding the names or photos of the recipients, or simply a list on a sheet if paper, can be used. The container is held in the practitioners hands, or their hands are held over the container, and the energy is transferred to the group versus one person. A practitioner may also just hold space for the group in another way of their choosing.

A Crystal Butterfly Box Holds Names for Distance Reiki

Recognizing that Reiki works where and how it is needed, the important things to know when you receive a distance session is that you may feel a deep sense of relaxation, you may feel energy in your body, you may see lights or color, or you may not experience any of these things. The same is true for an in person session.

Preparing for a distance Reiki session is easy. Schedule for a time when you know that you will not be disturbed. Find a comfortable location and position that will allow for deep relaxation. I usually recommend reclining on a bed, sofa, or in a reclining chair. You may fall asleep and want to be sure that you can allow that to happen.

Preparing for Distance Reiki

Because Reiki goes where it needs to go, it is important to release attachment to outcome. Reiki may help relieve a physical ache or pain, or it may be working on a deep emotional or spiritual level.

Be open to receiving the energy. If you are resistant, or change your mind, the energy flow will stop. You are in control of the energy exchange. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you can ask the process, or the practitioner, to stop.

Do you have any questions about distance Reiki? Contact me, I would love to connect.

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