Intuitive Energy Balancing

The Root Chakra – Muladhara

Near the base of our spine is the location of our root chakra. This is the part of our energetic body that relates to our sense of safety, security and stability. A balanced root chakra literally relates to if we feel rooted or not.

     The root chakra is said to develop during the time from conception until we are seven years old. Anything that occurs during this time can have an effect on our root chakra.

     This energy center governs our physical structure and things that effect it. Our skeletal system, bones and teeth relate to the balance found here. It influences our body from the lower pelvis down including the internal organs, hips and rectum.

Earthing is allowing our bare feet to connect with the Earth.

   An imbalance in the root chakra may manifest in the digestion as issues in the large intestine, colon or rectum. This may include chronic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Hip and lower limb breaks, degenerative arthritis anywhere in the body, sciatica and varicose veins are all signs of a possible root chakra imbalance. Weak tooth structure and cavities are also possible.

A person with a balanced root chakra will exhibit a healthy weight, have strong teeth and bones and good elimination. Their gate will appear stable and strong.

     Emotional signs of a root chakra imbalance include control issues, excessive or unreasonable fears, and issues with obsession including hoarding.

Front: Garnet, Back left: Black Tourmaline, Back right: Smoky Quartz

     While the adrenal glands are not located in the area we consider with the root chakra, they are also related. A root chakra imbalance should also be considered when there is anxiety.

     The root chakra also has an effect on the sacral chakra, located just above it. If an imbalance exists in either, it would be beneficial to consider ways to balance both chakras.

Chai Spice is warming and grounding

     Deep earth tones, and connecting with the Earth herself, can bring balance to the root chakra. Gemstones and minerals in blacks, browns and deep reds are beneficial.

Standing on the Earth, stamping your feet and jumping up and down all create a connection.

     Ingesting proteins, warming spices, and root vegetables or teas made of roots can contribute to balance in this chakra.

A balanced root can help prevent energy leaks and lead to a sense of overall balance. How do you choose to balance your root chakra?