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Clarity Through Pendulum Dowsing


Dowsing is the use of a specific tool to access information. Dowsers typically use rods or pendulums.

Dowsing rods can vary from bent copper to a twig. They can be used to show things from the location of underground aquifers to the perimeter of an energy field.

Pendulums can be elaborate and made from minerals or metal, or can be as simple as a pin dropped from a piece of thread. Pendulums can also be used as a location tool but are most commonly used for gaining clarity which is the our focus at this time.

The Importance of Grounding

The important parts of dowsing are that the dowser is clear on the information desired and that they are energetically grounded before they begin to dowse.

If the dowser is unclear on what they want to know, their answer will be ambiguous, confusing, or will not come at all. This often occurs when the question comes from a place of emotion or when the dowser has not taken the necessary steps to be centered, or grounded, before they begin.

Centered and grounded are commonly used terms to describe having balanced energy. If we attempt to dowse when our energy is imbalanced, it can influence our answers and confuse the pendulum, which is responding to our energy.

Before you work with your pendulum take a few moments to balance your energy in whatever way works best for you. This may be a meditative practice; it may be physical exercise. If you are not clear on how you best bring balance, trial and error will show you the way.

Pendulum Selection

Selection of a pendulum depends on how you will use it. There are many options from metal, to wood, to crystals. In my experience, a first pendulum may choose you. As with many healing tools, it may resonate in a positive way with some area in your energetic field. Some crystals that work well as a first pendulum for a wide variety of people include Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Black Tourmaline. Trust your intuition.

Once you have your pendulum, it is important to establish a relationship. Ways to do that include:

  • Carry your pendulum on your person
  • Sleep with your pendulum
  • Meditate with your pendulum

Take note of impressions that you get while connecting with your pendulum in these ways.

Working with Your Pendulum

Pendulum Dowsing Guide

In my experience, pendulums are best used for yes/no and either/or answers. Many questions can be framed this way, even if they initially do not appear that way.

You can use the attached guide if you choose as a way to see your answers clearly.  Hold your pendulum over the grey dot in the center. Ask your question and see how your pendulum responds.

  • A stationary pendulum, quivering, or even a very tight circular motion typically communicates thinking, a maybe, or a neutral response.
  • A forward and back swinging motion typically communicates Yes.
  • A side-to-side swinging motion typically communicates No.

I always confirm this, especially with a new pendulum. I will ask it to show me a variety of the answers that I expect based on how this pendulum will be used.

Working with a pendulum is working with your higher self. You can test the accuracy of your connection using simple questions with a known answer such as:

  • Is it 5:00?
  • Is my name …?
  • Am I expected at work today?

Working with a pendulum is working with your higher self. It is influenced by energetic frequency. The accuracy of your answers does not come from the accuracy of your pendulum, it comes from the accuracy of your connection.

Connecting for Others

Unless you are working on their behalf, I discourage gleaning answers about others through a pendulum. As with any energetic connection, it is a violation to access the frequency of another without permission.

If you are working with another to bring balanced energy or to gain clarity, the process differs in where your answers are generated. As such, you must create a connection with their energy. I cover this information more deeply in Intuitive Energy Balancing.

This guide is designed to help you connect more deeply to your own inner knowledge through the use of a pendulum so I will not be covering connecting with others here. If you are interested in doing healing work for other, distance work is an aspect of Second Degree Reiki.

I would love to hear if this improved your divination while using a pendulum. Drop me a comment and let me know.

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