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The Platonic Solids, Elements and the Chakras

Plato was a philosopher in ancient Greece, and for the purposes of what I am sharing today, he was a mathematician. He lived in the years 424 – 348 BC and started the Academy, the first center for advanced education in the Western world.


Geometry is a branch of mathematics connected to things like shape, size, space, and relative positioning. Geometry was a particular focus of Plato’s. He determined that there were 5 specific shapes that were the key to all things. They are dimensional.

The five platonic solids are:

  • cube
  • icosahedron
  • tetrahedron
  • octahedron
  • dodecahedron

A cube contains six squares. It is the most solid of these shapes which connects it to the Earth element. This is the element of stability which tells us that it is also connected to our Root Chakra. The cube reminds us to be patient, that we are supported by a stable base and all things will happen in Divine timing.

An icosahedron holds 20 triangles. This solid represents the element of Water. Water reminds us to go with the flow and connects to our Sacral Chakra.

The triangle represents the Fire element and there are four of them in a tetrahedron. Fire is action, but be careful that you don’t get burned. Fire is the element connected to our Solar Plexus Chakra.

Both our Heart and Throat Chakras connects to the Air element. Air is represented by the octahedron, formed from eight triangles. Grace and respect settle softly like a breeze.

The last solid is the dodecahedron, twelve pentagons that connect to ether, Akasha. Tact and subtlety are supported by this shape, and are part of what we receive when working with this element. It will gently support all of the upper Chakras.

Incorporate these shapes into your personal energy work to experience a new level of balance.

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