Unlock Your Magic

In just 9 weeks

Unlock Your Magic

will introduce you to the tools that can transform your life!

I am ready to reclaim my power!

Week 1: Rituals and Traditions

From Sunday dinner to bedtime stories, explore the role that rituals and traditions have in your life while creating ones that support your visions of the future.

Week 2: Sacred Space

Environment is an extension of self. Express yourself, and craft a space, or spaces, in your daily life to support your sacred self.

Week 3: Spiritual Bathing

Bath gel, bar soap, oils, lotions and potions, what we use to cleanse and anoint ourselves sets the stage for our interactions with others, and with spirit.

Week 4: Your Intuitive Gifts

Learn the way that we connect through the clair abilities and explore ways to develop yours.

Week 5: Dreams and Visions

Learn what sleep hygiene is and why it is important, how to keep a dream journal and how to interpret your dreams.

Week 6: Sound and Movement

Sounds can inspire, and movement can support, both our physical and intuitive abilities.

Week 7: Allies

Learn about herbal allies, totem animals and crystal energies that are ready to support you.

Week 8: Nourishment

You can nourish yourself while caring for others; consider ways to do both and increase your capacity for service.

Week 9: Finding Balance

Balance is the key to making this work. Determine how to use the knowledge that you have gained to create your best life.

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