Being Reiki

Reiki Books on My Bookshelf

People often ask me for book recommendations. These Reiki books are primarily by teachers that I respect and resonate with much of their teachings. These teachers offer a range of information and come from different backgrounds. Reiki is a personal practice. Outside the basic concept of Reiki as Universal Life-force energy and a Spiritual one,… Continue reading Reiki Books on My Bookshelf

Intuitive Energy Balancing · Unlock Your Magic

Clarity Through Pendulum Dowsing

Dowsing Dowsing is the use of a specific tool to access information. Dowsers typically use rods or pendulums. Dowsing rods can vary from bent copper to a twig. They can be used to show things from the location of underground aquifers to the perimeter of an energy field. Pendulums can be elaborate and made from… Continue reading Clarity Through Pendulum Dowsing