The Stone Vision Oracle

The Stone Vision Oracle Lithomancy Set

The Stone Vision Oracle is a channeled 27 stone lithomancy divination tool. Each stone has a keyword and conveys an overarching theme and related messages.
Your Stone Vision Oracle will include the 27 stones of the Oracle, a Satin Spar Selenite stick for clearing, a black velvet bag for storage, and the 32-page downloadable Stone Vision Oracle Quick Start Guide. You will receive an email link to access the Stone Vision Oracle Quick Start Guide after your purchase is complete.

Learn more about The Stone Vision Oracle here.

The Stone Vision Oracle Lithomancy Reading

Judy Deal’s The Stone Vision Oracle lithomancy readings consist of four stones which convey the essense of your reading, and how to support your mind, body, and spirit in relation to this message. The connection between stones will be noted.

Your readings will be done within 48 hours of your order being placed and a printable copy of your reading will be sent via email shortly afterward. Your digital download will include a photograph of each stone, the main and supporting messages with suggested usage.

2024 Stone Vision Oracle Twelve Month Lithomancy Reading Calendar

Get clear on what the year looks like for you with this 32 page personalized calendar including the essence of your year and what each month will hold for you, each of the four main moon phases and room to write your intentions.

Digital downloads will be sent via email by December 21, 2023. Print upgrades will be sent via USPS.

Early bird bonus! Order by December 1 and each month you will receive a phone wallpaper, stone overview, and journal page of that month’s Stone Vision Oracle messenger via email.


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