Being Reiki

Reiki is more than something we do, it is who we are. -Judy Deal

Immerse yourself in Universal life force energy. Take a deep dive into Reiki beginning with tapping into Universal energy for self-care moving through sharing it with others, including at a distance, then into mastery.

What is Being Reiki?

Being Reiki is a 12 experiential Reiki training designed for anyone interested in accessing Universal life force energy, or Reiki, for self-care and healing. It is taught in a traditional 3 part series with time to assimilate the information and practice the techniques before moving on to the next level of training. This training prepares you for a Master Teacher apprenticeship if that is your goal, however; it is not just for those wishing to practice professionally.

Our first 4 weeks explore Reiki for self-care. You start by learning what Reiki is, and is not, from it’s history and principles to the meditative practice called Gassho. You move into energy sensing, creating energetic boundaries, and how to seperate Reiki energy from personal life force energy. Next you will work with Reiki energy, from the traditional hand positions to an intuitive practice and incorporating Reiki into daily living.

In our next 4 weeks you learn ways to amplify your personal practice, and to share Reiki energy with others. This includes the use of power words and symbols, and sharing from a distance.

Our final 4 weeks allow time for fine tuning your practice and accessing new techniques. You also add working with Universal life force energy in the more than human realm including the addition of crystals and sharing Reiki with your companion animals.

Start Your Reiki Journey

Reiki Master Teacher training is also available. Contact me for more information and to apply.