Hello and welcome! I am Judy Deal, a facilitator, practitioner, and teacher empowering professional women who want to remember, and embody, their own personal power transforming stress, pain, or overwhelm into feeling calm, clear, and connected.

Judy Deal, RHHP, RMT, ACM, CR

If this is you, please accept my invitation to connect in one of these way:

Circle with me and women from your local area, or across the world, in virtual and community circles where your own inner wisdom can shine through without unrequested advice or input. In circle we are all equal.

Work with me to bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit while gaining an understanding of the energy systems of your body, developing trust in your own intuitive gifts, and connecting more deeply with Nature and Spirit.

Learn with me in virtual or in person workshops and courses that share how to bring balance to the energy centers of your body, become one with Universal life-force energy, and unlock your personal magic.

You can connect with me during one of my upcoming events, or join my private community where you can also connect with like minded women, find unique information, and receive daily messages from my Stone Vision Oracle.

However we connect, I am grateful for the opportunity to share my practice with you.

See you soon! Judy