The Stone Vision Oracle

The Stone Vision Oracle is a curated collection of 27 stones that offer insight into your life. Each stone conveys a theme and related messages. These messages can be utilized one at a time, or can be used as a guide through a situation, or the year. It is the divination tool that guides my practice, and my life.


The practice of reading stones for the purposes of divination is called lithomancy. It is not new. According to some sources, there is evidence of this practice going back to the Bronze Age.

There are many methods of reading the stones limited only by our imaginations. Each crystal, gemstone, fossil, and mineral has unique attributes. The color, shape, composition, and geographic origin all hold messages if we take to time to look for them.

I had been connecting with stones for as long as I can remember. I had tried a number of divination methods, from cards to other lithomancy methods, but none were right for me. A few years ago, I collected a set of 27 stones that spoke to me in a way that gave cohesive and consistent guidance. This set is The Stone Vision Oracle.

The Stone Vision Oracle

Each stone has an overarching theme and a set of keywords. They also have specific messages to share and questions to consider. I pull a stone in the morning to see what I need to know about my day, or one before an event to see how it may go.

As each stone connects with an element and relates to the energy centers of the body, Stone Vision Oracle readings also offer insight into how you can best use the attribures of each stone.

Malachite communicates Awakening in The Stone Vision Oracle

Since I began to offer readings to others, the responses to the Stone Vision Oracle have been fantastic! “Thank you for the insights.”, “Spot on!”, and numerous stories of events that mirror what was shared in their Stone Vision Oracle reading. I also hear how useful Stone Vision Oracle readings are for planning and decision making.

Crystals, gemstones, fossils, and minerals truly do hold messages for us if we take the time to expand our consciousness and receive the information. If you are interested in gaining insight from extra-ordinary sources, The Stone Vision Oracle might be a fit for you.

Stone Vision Oracle Readings contain a main message, or the essense of the reading, and what your mind, body and spirit need at this time.

January 2022 from the annual reading for The Community

A Stone Vision Oracle Annual Reading offers an overview of the year, either a calendar year or a personal twelve month period. It is available as a digital download in calendar form, including the moon phases and a space for intentions. Upgrade to include a print copy sent to you via USPS.

The Stone Vision Oracle Guidebook

Ready for your own Stone Vision Oracle? The Stone Vision Oracle is exclusively available here. Your Oracle set includes the 27 stones of The Stone Vision Oracle with a guide that will support you as you get started using this unique lithomancy tool, a clearing stone, and storage bag.