The Stone Vision Oracle

  • Interested in divination but cards don’t feel like the right tool for you?
  • Using Oracle cards but want to go a little deeper?
  • Tarot is nice but just not for you?

I have been there! I have numerous Oracle decks and once read Tarot for clients regularly but they were never a good fit.

Maybe you are like me:

  • Interested in crystals, gemstones, minerals, and fossils?
  • Using Earth based energy practices for healing?
  • Looking for a divination tool that works for you in every way?

The Stone Vision Oracle is for you! The Stone Vision Oracle is a curated collection of 27 stones that offer insight into our lives. Like oracle cards, each stone holds a message. These messages can be utilized one at a time, or can be used as a guide through a situation, or the year.


The practice of reading stones for the purposes of divination is called lithomancy. It is not new. According to some sources, there is evidence of this practice going back to the Bronze Age.

There are many methods of reading the stones. One method is tied to numerology and consists of placing a large number of the same stone in a bag, then extracting a handful. The message is found in the number of stones that you have in your hand. Another method is to pour stones out of a bag, or other container, then examine the pattern.

Runes are a collection of stones that have symbols carved into them. You may also see stones that have planetary symbols or words carved to them. These are pulled and placed in an order like cards might be.

You can see that the ways in which people connect with the stones is only limited by our imaginations. Each crystal, gemstone, fossil, and mineral has unique attributes. The color, shape, composition, and geographic origin all hold messages if we take to time to look for them.

I had been connecting with stones for as long as I can remember. I had tried a number of lithomancy methods but none were right for me. Over time, I compiled a set of 27 stones that spoke to me in a way that gave cohesive and consistent guidance. This set became The Stone Vision Oracle.

The Stone Vision Oracle

Each stone has an overarching theme and a set of keywords. They also have specific messages to share and questions to consider. I might pull a stone in the morning to see what I need to know about my day, or one before an event to see how it may go. A three stone pull will give me insight into a situation or a relationship.

For planning purposes, I do a 12 month reading to prepare for a new year. This consists of 13 stones, one for the theme of my year and one for each of the 12 months. I also do a monthly reading that consists of four stones; one for the theme of the month, one for what is beyond my vision that I can not yet see, one for what I has not yet feel or sense, and then my action stone, what I need to do.

In my work as a holistic wellness practitioner, my clients would often ask me if I would read cards for them. I was initially very resistant to offering this service, primarily because of my own self-limiting beliefs around being judged and wondering if the oracle would be as accurate for them. I began to offer 12 month readings for my clients that had an interest in them.

The responses to the Stone Vision Oracle have been fantastic! “Thank you for the insights.” “Spot on!” and numerous stories of events that mirror what was shared in their Stone Vision Oracle reading. I also hear how useful Stone Vision Oracle readings are for planning and decision making.

Crystals, gemstones, fossils, and minerals truly do hold messages for us if we take the time to expand our consciousness and receive the information. If you are interested in the messages that they hold for you contact me for a reading, or consider your own The Stone Vision Oracle and Guidebook due to be released in 2021. Use this link to be notified when The Stone Vision Oracle and Guidebook becomes available.

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