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Clearing Your Crystals

One of the most common questions that I am asked is “How should I clear my crystals?”. This is usually closely followed by “How often should I clear my crystals?”. This post is to answer both of those questions for you, but I am going to answer them in reverse order. 

How Often Should Crystals Be Cleared?

The answer to how often crystals should be cleared varies based on the crystal and the way, or ways, that you use them. 

My personal crystals do not get cleared that often. The exception to that are ones that I wear frequently and ones that I use when I have experienced a deep release while using. 

The crystals that are part of my home environment or an alter get cleared when I clean. It is important to remember to dust and adjust crystals in your environment to keep them active and working with you. 

Crystals from a Balance Bag on a Selenite Plate

The crystals that I use for Energy Balancing Sessions are cleared after they are used. This happens every time and are never used with another client before they have been cleared. 

I also encourage you to clear crystals when they come into your home, especially if they arrive through the mail. They have been handled by a variety of people and may have absorbed energy that you would prefer not be brought into your home. 

For the record, I suggest clearing everything that comes into your home using a method that suits you. Furniture, curtains, clothing, anything that has been handled or traveled can benefit from clearing. I also clear things before they leave to make sure that our residue does not travel with them. 

How Can I Tell When My Crystals Need to Be Cleared?

There are ways to tell when your crystals need to be cleared if you do not have a regular routine. They require you to tap in with your senses. 

Clear Quartz with a Rainbow

How do they look? Do they sparkle or shine? Even stones that have a matte appearance will have that little special something when they are clear and clean. A crystal that is at its best may even hold a little something extra!

How do they feel? Can you sense their special brand of magic when you hold your crystal? If your crystal does not have their usual spark, or feels like less than its normal self, it may benefit from a clearing. 

How do you feel about your crystal? If your favored crystal companions lose their appeal is time to clear them. 

Last but definitely not least, what does your intuition tell you? Clear your crystals anytime that you think they need to be cleared. If you are actively working with them, or working on developing your intuitive skills, trust your inner knowing when it tells you that it is time to clear one, two, or all of your crystals. 

How Do I Clear My Crystals?

There are many ways to clear your crystals. I can tell you what I do, and why I do not use some other popular methods. This is not to tell you what to do, or not to use those other methods if they are working for you. 

I’ll start with some that you that require caution. These methods will clear your crystals but may also lead to damage. 

The sun can be used to clear your crystals, however; it can also cause some to fade, and if they are inside can actually be a fire hazard. 

Amethyst Cluster

Quartz crystals such as Rose Quartz and Amethyst will fade in direct sunlight. This applies to clearing them in the sun but should also be taken into consideration when you place them in a room. While fading will not diminish the efficacy of your crystals, it may make them less visually appealing. 

If you have ever used a prism to start a fire, maybe in science class, you will understand how crystals can be a fire hazard. This can happen if the sun hits your crystal in just the right way for just the right amount of time. As a former safety planner, I would not risk it. This again applies to clearing and display. 

Running water removes energetic residue but there are a number of crystals that should not be placed in water. This can be due to their structure. Examples of this would be Kyanite or micanized Lepidolite, although there are more. The layers of these stones will separate if water gets between them, damaging their integrity. Think about what happens to layers of shale along the roadside. 

Sea Salt May Scratch Stones Low on the
Mohs Hardness Scale

Some crystals will dissolve in water like Selenite or Halite. This is when it can be helpful to know the make up of your stones. Personally, I just usually avoid using water. 

Salt can be an effective way to clear your crystals. I strongly suggest salt when clearing space, not so much for clearing crystals. Salt can scratch crystals lower on the Mohs hardness scale, and it can cause other crystals to separate if it gets between the layers. 

What do I suggest? The three methods that I use are stones, sound, and smoke, in that order. 

My favorite stone for clearing other stones is Selenite. I have small plates of it that I use to clear my stones and bring them back up to their highest frequency. I also have slabs that I use for clearing stones used in Energy Balancing Sessions. 

Any Selenite will work including Satin Spar. I typically do not use the Desert Rose formations for clearing but they will work. 

A Brass Bowl for Clearing

Using sound is as simple as ringing a bell. You can use bells, chimes, or even brass or crystal bowls. Technically, you could ring a piece of crystal from your kitchen cabinet in a pinch.

Palo Santo Clearing Labradorite
A Charcoal Disc

Smoke is tricky depending on location, and smoke may not be advisable in your space. If you, or someone in your home, is smoke sensitive or has a lung issue then this is not the tool for you. 

Frankincense Clearing a Smoky Quartz

If you choose smoke, Frankincense or Palo Santo are my tools of choice. Frankincense resin can be placed on charcoal discs in heat safe containers. Small pearls of resin will produce large amounts of smoke. You may choose to open a window and move away from any smoke alarms. 

It Is All Up To You

When it comes to knowing if your crystals need to be cleared and the best way to clear them, it really is all up to you. 

While there are some crystals that should be cleared every time that you use them like Malachite that absorbs energies, some rarely or never need to be cleared like Clear Quartz and Citrine. Getting to know your crystals is the best way to know when to clear them. (I even have a six part series on getting to know your crystals if you need some guidance in that regard.)

Actually clearing your crystals may depend on the tools that you have available, and your personal preference. I prefer, in order, stones, sound, and smoke. 

I hope that you found this information helpful. Let me know your favorite ways to clear your crystals!

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