Intuitive Energy Balancing

7 Ways to Balance Your Energy Centers

Your physical body is a representation of your energy body. Your energy body radiates through and outward from your physical body in every direction. Your energy body contains many energy centers that impact you in different but specific ways. You have 7 main energy centers that are aligned with your physical body from the crown… Continue reading 7 Ways to Balance Your Energy Centers

Stone Vision Oracle

Full Moon Reading September 29, 2023

The essential message of this full moon phase is Compassion. As we move fully into the harvest season, Rose Quartz encourages you to open your heart and act with compassion. Set judgement aside and be gentle with yourself and others. Meditate with Rose Quartz in your left hand if seated, on your chest at heart… Continue reading Full Moon Reading September 29, 2023

Build Your Crystal Toolkit

10 Crystals for Protection

Protection is a common theme when it comes to questions about selecting and using crystals. Maintaining a balanced energy system, developing your intuition, and being open to guidance from other than ordinary sources can, and will, help you in any situation. Crystals can provide protective support by supporting your awareness, communication, and understanding. Working on… Continue reading 10 Crystals for Protection

Unlock Your Magic

Dormancy and the Rythms of Nature

Dormancy is a period during which normal functions in a living organism slow, and sometimes stop, for a time. It is a coping mechanism that allows plants and animals to survive environmental stress. One example of dormancy in animals that may feel familiar to you is hibernation. Bears hibernate during the cold winter months to… Continue reading Dormancy and the Rythms of Nature