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Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

One stone that always catches my eye is Tiger’s Eye. This banded golden stone shines in almost any light. The darker aspects serve to further illuminate the lighter, brighter shades. While Tiger’s Eye is commonly found, and depicted, in golden shades, it also occurs in blue and red.

Tiger’s Eye is typically a 7 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. The Moh’s scale rates the hardness of crystals, gemstones, and minerals. It ranges from 1 to 10, 1 being the softest. Talc sits at the bottom of the scale and diamonds rank at the top as a 10 in hardness. Quartz based crystals are usually in the range of 7 which means that something like, or slightly harder than, a steel nail would be required to scratch it.

Tiger’s Eye Tower

Tiger’s Eye connects with the energy centers at both our Solar Plexus and Brow. Our Solar Plexus is located in the area of our diaphragm and is where our sense of self can be found, energetically speaking. Our Brow, also known as our third eye, is the energy center connected to insight. Connecting to both, Tiger’s Eye helps us to act from a place connecting will and intuition.

People who have blocked energy, or who are very tied to earthy pursuits can benefit from Tiger’s Eye. This is also true of people who feel trapped in situations from which they can not see a way out. Activating the Brow, if you are in one of these situations or this type of person, Tiger’s Eye can offer support in activating your psychic abilities.

Tiger’s Eye Chip Bracelet

Tiger’s Eye brings balance to our lower energy centers, encouraging the flow of energy and can release blocked creativity. This is because creativity comes from our Sacral energy center, located just below the Solar Plexus. If the flow of energy becomes congested at the area of the Solar Plexus, creativity is stifled. I would place Tiger’s Eye in this area or use a Tiger’s Eye crystal elixir to return to balance.

Tiger’s Eye can help us feel centered. In this way, it allows us to see our self worth rather than being self-critical. From this centered place we may also become more away of practical ways to improve our situation in life, manifesting the life that we truly want.

Tiger’s Eye signifies courage in the Stone Vision Oracle

Tiger’s Eye can also be found in the Stone Vision Oracle. The message that it brings us is Courage. Using our insight to find practical solutions then implementing them is what Tiger’s Eye is all about.

I like to partner Tiger’s Eye with the herb Calendula. This bright orange or yellow flower is known as a wound healer. I recently combined Calendula infused olive oil and Tiger’s Eye in an anointing salve. This can be used at either the Solar Plexus or Brow depending on the type of support that you desire.

I would love to hear about how you use Tiger’s Eye!

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