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Clarity Through Pendulum Dowsing

Dowsing Dowsing is the use of a specific tool to access information. Dowsers typically use rods or pendulums. Dowsing rods can vary from bent copper to a twig. They can be used to show things from the location of underground aquifers to the perimeter of an energy field. Pendulums can be elaborate and made from… Continue reading Clarity Through Pendulum Dowsing

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Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz, in my opinion, is one of the ten crystals that everyone needs. Gentle, grounding, and supportive, Smoky Quartz offers a wide range of benefits. It signifies balance when it appears in The Stone Vision Oracle. Smoky quartz resonates with earth based energies bringing balance to the lower chakras. As it supports this area… Continue reading Smoky Quartz

Intuitive Energy Balancing

The Platonic Solids, Elements and the Chakras

Plato was a philosopher in ancient Greece, and for the purposes of what I am sharing today, he was a mathematician. He lived in the years 424 – 348 BC and started the Academy, the first center for advanced education in the Western world. Geometry is a branch of mathematics connected to things like shape,… Continue reading The Platonic Solids, Elements and the Chakras