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Aura Quartz

Aura Quartz are quartz crystals that are altered in a vacuum process called Atomic Vapor Deposition. Natural quartz crystals are placed in a specially designed vacuum chamber. Fine particles of metal are then vacuum bonded to the crystal to change or enhance the original appearance.

There are mixed opinions on Aura Quartz regarding their efficacy as healing crystals due to the fact that the process changes the molecular structure and creates something new. The crystal now has the blended properties of both crystal and metal. Personally, I have found the blends to be an enhancement. I have used Angel Aura Quartz and Aqua Aura Quartz with good results. If you have been in my treatment room, you may have noticed the amethyst based Angel Aura. Read about the properties of the most poplar Aura Quartz, pick one to work with and decide for yourself if they give you the desired results.

Angel Aura Amethyst Cluster

Popular Aura Quartz

Aura QuartzMetal UsedAura Color
Angel AuraPlatinum or SilverClear
Aqua AuraGoldAqua Blue
Cobalt AuraCobaltCobalt Blue
Flame AuraNirobium and TitaniumGolden Violet
Rainbow AuraGold and TitaniumRainbow
Popular Aura Quartz Types

Metal Energetics

Cobalt is similar to iron and has protective and projective energy. Cobalt comes from the German word kobold, which can mean goblin, elf, or pixie. By itself it offers supportive strength and healing. The cobalt blue color connects at, and works with, our throat chakra.

Gold occurs naturally in pure form. Gold energy can be compared to that of pyrite. It is projective and connects to abundance, power and success. Gold itself is a support for the solar plexus chakra. In Aqua Aura it works at the throat chakra and encourages healing and alignment. In Rainbow Aura is plays a supporting role of enhancing sense of self.

Platinum is Spanish is platino, or little silver. The energetics of platinum are also receptive, I find even more so. Platinum aligns the chakras and connects to the cosmos, enhancing our psychic abilities. Used in Angel Aura it connects us to angelic and ancestor energy.

Titanium is known for being both lightweight and incredibly strong. It is named after the mythological children of Heaven and Earth, the 12 Titans. Titanium is known for a wide range of supportive abilities, as are the Titans themselves. Found in Flame Aura and Rainbow Aura it enhances our own strength and resilience.

Crystals Commonly Used

Amethyst links to both our third eye, or brow, chakra and our crown chakra. The thin layer of aura can hide some of the natural beauty that amethyst possesses, but the aura can enhance its benefits in meditation. As I mentioned earlier, I particularly like it with platinum as Angel Aura.

Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer. It accelerates healing and amplifies other stones as well as the metals when used to create Aura Quartz. It works with the crown chakra, enhancing our ability to connect with sprit making is a natural for any of these aura combinations.

Rose Quartz connects at our heart chakra and encourages unity, universal love, and compassion. The heart chakra connects our lower chakras, working more at the physical level, and our upper chakras, working more in the spiritual level. Utilizing rose quartz as an aura base brings things into alignment in an “as above, so below” way.

How to Use Aura Quartz

Aura Quartz can be worn, held, used for meditation, or placed in the environment.

Wear any Aura Quartz at the throat or ears to bring the energy upward. A rose quartz based aura quartz can also be beneficial on the wrist, as our arms connect to the heart chakra.

Meditating with an Angel Aura Rose Quartz Soothing Stone

Meditate with Angel Aura to connect with spirit on any level. Hold a large piece in your left hand or place to your left. You may also choose to place small spheres or soothing stones in each palm and rest the back of your hands on your thighs or the arms of a chair.

Spheres or clusters in your environment send the radiant energy of your chosen Aura Quartz throughout your space.

Now you know how Aura Quartz are made, the energetics of both the base crystals and the metals that create the aura, and how you can use them. If you work with an Aura Quartz, drop me a message and let me know how you feel about them.