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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is considered the ultimate crystal to support the heart Chakra. Rose Quartz opens the heart through all of its levels, bringing support for deep healing. It provides soft reassurance and is an asset when experiencing emotional trauma.

Rough Rose Quartz Trio

Love and Rose Quartz are obvious partners. The beauty of their deep connection is that it is primarily about loving yourself. I do not subscribe to the belief that you must love yourself in order to love another, however; I do believe that self love is necessary to ensure that we receive the love that we are due.

We are all capable of giving, and deserving of receiving, love. Holding ourselves in high esteem allows us to be clear in how that will look when coming from another. Rose Quartz helps those of us not taught to see or know how that feels in our family of origin. As we work with Rose Quartz, it releases emotional conditioning, opening our hearts, and our eyes, to what is possible.

Self-judgement is transmuted to compassion for ourselves as Rose Quartz soothes and heals the heart. Acknowledging that we are lovable, worthy, and enough comes from a place of heart centeredness. Partnered with Desert Rose Selenite, Rose Quartz can help us release any of those long running patterns that keep us from a balanced heart. This is a part of why they are included in The Necessary Crystals.

Whole Hearted Soap with Rose and Calendula infused oils and Rose Quartz Crystal Elixir

The heart Chakra governs the physical heart, the lungs, arms, and hands. To give and receive love, and be of service to others, a balanced heart is an asset. To use Rose Quartz, wear near your heart when possible, on your hands and wrists are the next best options. I also like to use Rose Quartz elixir in my water or things that I make. It is part of my Whole Hearted Soap.

Rose Quartz Rough (top) and Polished (bottom)

Place it in the relationship corner of a room or of your home, or keep in the bedroom for romance. I like to keep one in the main part of my home to enhance compassion in my family. Rose Quartz is a main component of Happy Home and Happy Camper for that reason.

With all those benefits, you might expect Rose Quartz to be hard to get or pricey. The opposite is true. Rose Quartz is easy to find in both rough and polished forms and is very affordable.

Tell me how you use Rose Quartz and what benefits you have received!

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