Build Your Crystal Toolkit

Get Grounded

I really needed to get grounded today. Unfocused and unable to shake it off, I started by dropping a smoky quartz in my pocket and heading out for a walk.

Smoky quartz is my go to stone when I get up in my head and can’t get out. It can pull me back down into my body and make me feel reconnected. I like to hold a smoky quartz palm stone in my left hand to pull in balancing energy.

Smoky Quartz Palm Stone

Smoky quartz is a root chakra stone, connecting us to our earth star chakra. The earth star chakra is located beneath our feet, actually a few inches into the earth below us. I know it sounds odd that one of our chakras can be outside of our body. Actually, more than one is located in the area around our physical body so it can be helpful to remember that the chakra system belongs to our energy body, or spirit, rather than our physical body. Taking a walk, the repetitive striking of my feet on the ground, can connect us to our earth star chakra while it stimulates all the points in our feet.

Smoky quartz is also a quartz, crystalline in structure and carrying the energy of clear quartz. Clear quartz is a high frequency healer, amplifying the energy of the stones around it. It is good for stimulating immunity, and bringing balance to the physical body and the chakras. Partner those two with rose quartz to connect with more ease from top to bottom.

Smoky quartz, clear quartz, and rose quartz make a great purse or pocket trio.

Walking helped some. I could tell that I was connecting because my ears started ringing and I began to experience vertigo. Vertigo is not such a pleasant aspect of reconnecting but an obvious sign that it is happening.

I removed my shoes as soon as I was back in my own yard and placed my bare soles against the earth. This contact is called earthing and reinforces our connection to the planet while creating a grounding benefit.

Definitely feeling more like myself, I started to work on the meditation for my 8:00 Meditations group. I decided to give myself that last push to integrate all of this grounding work while I offered that same option to those who came to the virtual meditation space that night.

Hammered and crystal singing bowls resonate with the chakras.

I placed the hammered bowl that resonates with the heart chakra in the key of F, and the crystal singing bowls that resonate with the root and crown chakras, C and B, out in the sun porch and used some sound healing to bring me fully into alignment.

I hope these steps are helpful to you next time you are feeling like getting grounded is what you need.