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Your Intuitive Abilities

Intuition, especially women’s intuition, is something that is often talked about but just as often not clearly understood. We are going to look at clair abilities.

Clair is French and comes from the Latin word for clear. We all have clair abilities, many of us have more than one. Through time, these abilities have been downplayed, ridiculed, and often vilified out of fear. As you begin to explore them in yourself, you may find that they are stronger than you thought. You may choose to develop certain ones but not others. This is your journey, your magic, the choice is always yours.

Remember that we always have free will. We can cultivate our gifts and we can ask that they be moderated to our current ability or for our comfort. You may choose to take classes, read available guide books, or meditate and trust your, well, intuition.

These gifts are connected to our higher self, from our interconnectedness to others and to our higher power. You may consider this communication from outside yourself, from angels or guides, whatever is in accord with your belief system. My belief system says that we are all one with source energy so all those ideas are in accord.

Your gifts are naturally occurring and do not need additional tools to manifest. As such, we will not be exploring divination tools like cartomancy, lithomancy, or dowsing.

So, intuitive gifts, the clairs, what are they? I will share six but some will naturally align with each other.

First is clairvoyance, or clear seeing. Many artists, photographers, interior decorators and graphic designers have the gift of clairvoyance. They can clearly see in their minds eye what a thing can, or will, look like. Clairvoyants can see auras. When they think about what is to come it plays out in their minds like a movie. They may have visions when they are awake, can easily lucid dream, which is to direct your dreams, and often have vivid dreams while asleep. Their visions may play out in front of their eyes but more commonly occur in their minds eye. Message may come in flashes of color, activity,

Next, clairaudience, or clear hearing. Clairaudients receive messages through sound. These sounds may or may not be musical, ringing in their ears, words spoken in their own voice and heard inside their heads. They may hear these sounds awake or asleep. The song lyric that plays in our head for no apparent reason is one clear example. Clairaudients may channel this ability into careers as musicians, singers, or writers.

Clairalience is clear smelling. The scent of perfume when there is one on near, the smell of cigar smoke when you think of that person, these are examples of clairalience. Some people can smell when there is illness or when death is imminent. They can tell how a scent will affect another. Those with the gift of clairalience are well suited to jobs as perfumers, sommeliers, or florists.

Similar to, and often found together with, clairalience, is the gift of clairgustance, or clear tasting. Those with this gift can taste things without those things touching their tastebuds. They are able conjure up tastes through thought. They are also able to receive message through taste. These tastes, as the smells for a clairaliant, will communicate a memory or create a connection in their mind. Chefs and bakers may be clairgustant.

Clairsentience is clear feeling. Clairsentients often call themselves empaths. Many humans are able to feel empathy, or connect and understand clearly the experience of another. To feel it deeply is clairsentience. Clairsentients feel the emotions or physical sensations of others. They get strong “gut” feelings. Clairsentients often have challenges with boundaries if they are not born into a family that protects them from a young age. They can be strongly influenced by the pull of others until they understand this is another’s emotion, not their own. For those who are aware and can channel this information, careers as doctors, therapists, counselors, and teachers can be very rewarding.

Last is claircognizance or clear knowing. This is a deep understanding that may feel like a premonition or a forewarning. You can see where this may assist a doctor, scientist, or philosopher. A high-ticket sales person would benefit greatly if they possess this gift. Claircognizance may include some or all of the other clairs, or exist on its own.

Good luck as you continue exploring your intuition! I would love to hear how you do.

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