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Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz, in my opinion, is one of the ten crystals that everyone needs. Gentle, grounding, and supportive, Smoky Quartz offers a wide range of benefits. It signifies balance when it appears in The Stone Vision Oracle.

Smoky quartz resonates with earth based energies bringing balance to the lower chakras. As it supports this area of the energetic body, it also supports the legs, hips, pelvis and internal organs of the lower body. It brings stability as it roots us to the Earth. This is literal physical balance support that we can receive when we work with a Smoky.

Elimination and detoxification are bodily functions that are supported by Smoky Quartz. Because it is known to often have naturally occurring low levels of radiation, this is a stone that can deeply support these processes for those receiving radiation treatments.

Colors naturally vary from a pale, practically clear smoke to a deep tone so it is important to not that the very deep, almost black smokies are most likely irradiated by man, not by Nature. Those should be avoided.

Back: Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz
Front: Garnet

Smoky quartz partners well with a variety of stones. My favorites are Garnet and Black Tourmaline. This trio transmutes negative energy (Black Tourmaline), releases negative emotions and brings physical and emotional stability (Smoky Quartz), and supports faith in ones own abilities (Garnet).

Smoky Quartz Palm Stone

Quartz supports our spiritual connections, regardless of color. As such, Smoky Quartz grounds our spiritual energies. This calms the mind, helps us to release negative emotions, and can elevate our mood. In the Crystal Bible, Judy Hall says that it strengthens our nervous system and encourages pragmatism. These actions bring balance between upper and lower chakras. This kind of balance can be useful in times of transition, or uncertainty.

I use Smoky Quartz in a few ways. I like to hold a palm stone in my left hand when I meditate. There is also often one in the pocket of my jeans. I prefer it there because it is closest to the energy centers that it supports.

Smoky Quartz Ring

A number of years ago I experienced a neck injury and have residual nerve damage. Wearing a Smoky Quartz ring will often help control the neuropathy in my hands. The area on my finger where the ring rests also corresponds to the neck according to the practice of reflexology.

Some also say that wearing an amulet of Smoky Quartz can bring protection to travelers.

Do you use Smoky Quartz? Tell me how!

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