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The Hexagon

A triangle is one of the weakest shapes, however, if you combine six triangles, you end up with what is widely considered to be the strongest of shapes, the hexagon. A hexagon consists of six equal sides, six equal angles, and six corners. There is no wasted space. This is one of the reasons that bees use the hexagon to form honeycomb.

Bees work as a team to harvest and store, they don’t hesitate to get rid of dead weight, and they are all about efficiency. Because there is no wasted space, the hexagonal shape of the honeycomb requires less wax to hold more honey than any other shape would. This also means less energy expended on building the wax comb and more available for the specific work each bee needs to do.

Cohesion and harmony are important in order to keep the hive running smoothly. These are things connected to the number 6 in numerology. Specifically, 6 is the number of stability, harmony, and home.

The triangle, or tetrahedron, is about manifestation of self. A triangle pointed upward, sometimes said to appear as the point of a spear, has been long used to signify masculine energy. A triangle pointed downward, appearing as a cup or chalice, signifies the feminine. Combine the masculine and feminine and you have the whole manifested as a six-pointed star. Connect the points and you once again have a hexagon.

When we are whole, our masculine and our feminine sides connected and cohesive, we are productive and efficient. We are able to experience the sweetness of life. Our minds are fertile. Our communities benefit and grow strong, and so do we.

If hexagon has appeared in your life, or if you could benefit from the balance that it creates, you may also want to explore the symbolism of bees. I suggest Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.

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