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Your body knows what is in your best interest. Your physical body is in constant communication with your energetic body. Your energetic body is receiving and sharing information with other energies around you. This exchange of information can lead to what we call a gut feeling.

A gut feeling, or that sensation that we notice in our center when our attention is being drawn to or by a situation or person holds information for us. The way that it makes us feel will guide us to move forward, or step back.

There are ways that we can connect more deeply and move closer to clarity. Two ways that require no additional tools to help interpret are muscle testing and the sway test.

Muscle testing uses resistance to determine if something is appropriate. I was first introduced to this process, also called applied kinesiology, by a physician practicing integrative medicine.

Muscle testing can be done on our own or with assistance. We will look at two techniques and you can decide which works best for you. The first is with an outstretched arm, the second is with index finger and thumb touching.

To test in the following ways you may choose to use a physical object, a paper with a word or phrase written on it, or just holding a visual image in your mind’s eye. All can work. Some may work better for you than others. As you develop this skill it is often best to work with either the object in question or something in writing.

Let’s say you are interested in adding more iron to your life. You may consider using a Hematite in some way. First, you need to determination if this would be a beneficial thing to do.

Straight Arm Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing – Straight Arm Method

Holding the Hematite in your dominant hand, stretch your arm out straight. Tighten your muscles to hold it steady. Place your non-dominant hand on your arm and press down while asking your question, resisting with your outstretched arm.

If your arm holds strong, your answer is yes. If your arm yields easily in spite of your attempt to resist, your answer is no. If you are unsure, try again.

Muscle Testing – Fingertip Method

You may choose to rest the Hematite on your lap, or place it in front of you, as it may be difficult to hold while you do this test.        

Touch the tips of Thumb and Index Finger Together

Using your dominant hand, place the tip of your index finger against the tip of your thumb making a circle. Ask your question while inserting the index finger of your non-dominant hand into the circle and attempting to break the connection.

The Contact Holds – A Yes Answer
The Contact Breaks – A No Answer

If your connection holds, your answer is yes. If your connection breaks, your answer is no. If you are unsure, try again.

The Sway Test

In the Sway Test, your entire body will give you the answer that you seek. It may be performed standing or seated, however; standing is best if you are able to stand.

To begin, soften your body. We are often more rigid than we realize and the body needs to be able to move for the Sway Test. If you are standing, ensure that you are standing fully on both feet. Soften your knees slightly, it they are locked your response will be hard to understand.

A word of caution. This is called the Sway Test because your body will sway to give your answer. Be mindful of your location. Try to avoid being in close proximity to breakables.

The Sway Test

Place the item, or paper with the word or phrase on it, against your chest two to three fingers width below the suprasternal notch, or the dip at the base of your throat. Close your eyes and breathe gently. You may ask your question or just sense into what you are holding against your body.

A swaying motion will occur in your body. If the item is what you need, or your answer is yes, your body will sway forward. Mine also likes to go a little to the right. If the item is not what you need, or your answer is no, your body will sway backward. If you are unsure, try again.

The Choice is Yours

I use a variety of tools for divination. They tool that I choose depends on two things, who requires an answer and what kind of answer do they seek.

The methods that I have shared here are appropriate for making a choice. I use them to determine the answer to a range of questions from which crystal to use for a specific purpose to what item on a menu is what my body needs today.

Most other divination methods require tools from a pendulum to cards to the Stone Vision Oracle. You can even use the methods outlined here to choose the best tool. Remember, above all, the choice is always yours.

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