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Dormancy and the Rythms of Nature

Dormancy is a period during which normal functions in a living organism slow, and sometimes stop, for a time. It is a coping mechanism that allows plants and animals to survive environmental stress.

One example of dormancy in animals that may feel familiar to you is hibernation. Bears hibernate during the cold winter months to conserve energy. Food is not readily available during this time so slowing their metabolic processes allows bears, and other hibernating animals, to survive.

Hibernation does not mean complete inactivity. Bears continue to move around in their winter homes, even feeding their young. The activity is slow and instinctive. It is deeply tied to the natural rhythm of both the bear and Mother Earth.

Outside we can see this same transition to energy conservation in plant life. The vibrant fall colors that lead to bare branches occur as the trees call their sap back into their trunks. Plants that may appear dead are actively repairing damaged areas and preparing themselves for the next season of growth.

Humans resist this shift. In a period when most life is pulling back and settling in, we push through. We insulate ourselves against our environment, turn on the lights and increase our stimulation rather than leaning into the darkness for support.

This is further encouraged by the activity around us that is designed to support a man-made calendar and corporate business cycles. When we would most benefit from beginning to draw inward, we instead enter the busiest shopping season of the year supporting one of the largest consumer driven holidays.

What’s a girl to do?

I have a different suggestion for you. I encourage you to begin that shift inward, exploring self-care options that support conserving resources while stimulating inner growth, repair, and renewal. For me, these options include body and energy balancing work, reconnecting with Nature, reflection, and rest.

Body and Energy Balancing Work

Body and energy balancing work may be as simple for you as scheduling a massage or energy balancing session with your regular therapist. It may mean tapping into your existing practice. If you do not have an existing practice in place, or are finding that it is not enough, you may want to consider the following:

  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Sound Therapy
  • Yoga

Massage is manipulation of the soft tissue on your body. This can be the gentle stroking of Swedish massage, intense deep tissue work, or the stretching and movement included in a shiatsu massage. It moves lymph as it relaxes your muscles.

Reflexology is based on the principle that all parts of your body are represented in reflex points on the feet, hands, and face. It differs from massage in that the therapy is focused on these points. Reflexology promotes deep relaxation during which your body can heal itself.

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work. It balances your energetic body and does not require touch. As such, it can even be practiced from a distance. Like reflexology, it promotes deep relaxation during which time healing can occur.

Crystal therapy is based on the theory of entrainment, using the energetic vibration of the crystals to bring the energy centers of your body back into balance.

Sound therapy works in a similar way bringing balance through realignment of your energy centers using musical notes.

Yoga, which means union, brings mind, body, and spirit together through a combination of movement and meditation.

Connecting with Nature

The Earth is our mother. This is true regardless of how you believe that we came to be here. Creator stories include our being formed from the material that makes up our Mother. Evolution stories also say the same.

Grounded literally means feeling stable and connected to the ground beneath us. Earthing, standing with your bare feet pressed into the Earth, can give you the sense of being grounded. Walking outside can also support this sense regardless of footwear.

Listening to the sounds of nature around us enhances this sense of connection and stability. Be aware of what you hear and see to be aware of any messages from Spirit. Tap into your inner voice, the guidance that lives inside of you, to find clarity.


Sitting quietly at the start and end of our days can be supportive in many ways. You may choose to any type of writing or journalling to review, or prepare for, your day.

Automatic writing gives insight into what may be outside of your conscious thought.

Gratitude journaling offers a fresh perspective.

Reading from an Oracle or Tarot provides guidance in a prescribed format.


Sometimes the best way to access inner knowledge and support healing on all levels is just to rest. This may look different based on your needs and habits. You may benefit greatly from just closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. You may need a few extra hours of sleep. What you need may vary by day, and by season.

This brings me back to the idea of ignoring the calendars of commerce and tapping back into the cycles of Nature.

Natural Cycles

There are two cycles that help guide my personal practices and my business. These are the annual cycle of the seasons and the monthly cycle of the Moon.

Winter, spring, summer, and fall each bring ways of being that we can see around us when we step outside.

  • Winter – dormancy, hibernation
  • Spring – germination, rebirth
  • Summer – full blossom, fruition
  • Fall – harvest, completion

The Moon also has four distinct phases. They are new or dark, waxing or growing more visible, full or bright, and waning or growing less visible. They correspond to the seasons as follows: winter to new, spring to waxing, summer to full, and fall to waning. You can read more about the connection in The Seasons, the Elements, and the Moon, or Partnering with the Moon.

Tapping into and working with the natural rhythms keep us in supported and in sync.

Do you work with the seasons, the Moon phases, or something else to feel balanced? Let me know what you do and join my community to connect with like-minded women.

See you soon!

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