Unlock Your Magic

Working with the Liminal

Liminal spaces are the places, and times, when we find ourselves in between. These may be places that exist on the physical plane like where the earth and water touch. They may be a tangible time of change, like the dawn or twilight. They are also often intangible, like the times when we can still see and feel what was but are aware of what is about to arrive. As such, liminal spaces are transitional spaces, and opportunities for transformation.

There are many ways to support yourself as you move through a liminal time or space. They way that you choose is directly related to three things, what type of transition you are experiencing, how you wish to experience it, and your intended, or preferred, outcome.

Rituals, traditional or customized, offer a structure by which to support yourself. You may already have dedicated rituals for morning and night. Crafting rituals around self-care, celebrations, and intention setting can impact your daily life as well as special occasions. Use this link to access my ritual creation worksheet.

Creating sacred space in your environment, as well as honoring your own body as sacred space, can also impact your ability to move through transition with intention and ease. Water, crystals, herbs, and animals can all bring in energies with which you may want to work.

Dreams, visions, sound, and movement can all carry messages from Spirit, your higher self, or your higher power. Regardless of what that looks like in your life, the messages come when they are needed. We are all supported in the way that connects with our own belief system.

Transitional times effect each of us in a different way. I often struggle to stay present in the change, to not push to the outcome of each situation. To avoid this and be present through the transformation I remind myself that each phase of life leads into the next. Once one transition is complete, the next starts immediately even if I am not not yet aware.

This ongoing process as we move through life makes it important to create balance to nurture and nourish yourself on a regular basis. You can use that ritual creation form to create personal daily rituals for this purpose.

To get you started, here are three crystals and three herbs that I use to both trigger and move through transformation.


  • Amethyst which connects with your third eye, the energy center at your brow, supporting insight and intuition
  • Ammonite which connects to both the energy center at your crown and your base facilitating evolutionary processes and links to knowledge from our ancestors and past life experiences
  • Petrified Wood which connects to the energy center at your base reminding us how to integrate our lessons into our being as we move forward


  • Lavender, both aromatically and in a tea, to support relaxation and release
  • Tulsi, or Holy Basil, to moderate the effects of stress
  • Catnip to create an internal environment for restful sleep

In Unlock Your Magic I dive deeper into working with the liminal. This 9 week course provides a framework access your personal power, trigger transformation, and manage transformation.

I’ll see you soon!