Seasonal Support: Cold & Flu

One thing that we can count on every year is cold and flu season. This year has made even more clear the impact that viruses can have on us. It has also highlighted both the need for personal hygiene and the importance of supporting our immune system. Those things alone are still not often enough….


Sage, salvia officinalis, is a culinary, medicinal, ornamental, and magical plant. The plants name come from the Latin word for salvation. It has a long history of being used as everything from a preservative to way to assist in weaning children. Personally, I use sage to help with sore throats. A woody perennial with square…

Amethyst Supports Well-Being

Amethyst is a crown chakra stone that is also of benefit to our third eye, or brow, chakra. This makes it a stone deeply connected to our spirituality.