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10 Crystals for Beginners

This post is for beginners, but can benefit anyone! The information relates to my experience with the stones that we will be exploring. I encourage you to work with them yourselves and see how they work for you.

So, why do we work with crystal energy? Regardless of whether you believe that we evolved from primordial ooze or you believe that we were created from earthen matter, we are made of the same stuff as Mother Earth. We ingest minerals to keep our physical bodies healthy. To me, it only makes sense that we would use the energy of the Earth to keep our energetic bodies healthy.

Our body is full of energy centers called chakras. There are 7 main chakras in our energetic body and they are located in the vicinity of our physical spine. Our lower chakras relate to basic things like safety and security, relationships and creativity, and our sense of self. These chakras are, respectively, the root chakra, the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a stone that supports the root chakra at the base of our spine. It connects us to the Earth, making us feel rooted and grounded. Smoky quartz is a quartz based stone so it also has a high vibration. This unique combination connects our root to our crown chakra, that goal of “as above, so below” brought into being by smoky quartz. To use it, place it under your seat when you mediate, at your feet when you sleep, or carry one in your pants pocket.


Our sacral chakra is located in our lower abdomen, between our navel and pubic bone. Carnelian has a vibration that balances this chakra. It can help attract right relationships and may help balance lower abdominal issues from digestive organ to reproductive organ discomfort. Recline and rest this stone on your abdomen to benefit physically. Place carnelian above your door, or very near it, to draw the right people through it.

Citrine has a bright sunny energy, like our solar plexus chakra. Our solar plexus chakra is where we feel our sense of self. Citrine can boost self-esteem and self-confidence, stoking the digestive fire and our desire to achieve. Hold citrine against the solar plexus or wear at the waist or wrist. To draw abundance to your home, place citrine in the left rear corner.


Just as our heart is the center of our body, the heart chakra is the center of the chakra system. Two stones in particular support the heart in ways that many of us can use. The first is rose quartz, the second is prehnite.

Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone of compassion. It supports the heart in a gentle, soothing way, reminding us to show this gentle support to all that we meet. Rose quartz also shows us how to be gentle with ourselves, especially is we have a tendency toward perfectionism. Placed in the home, it works for all who enter. Keep in a heavily used room like the family room, use at the center of the dining room table, or place in the bedroom. Wear it on the left hand or wrist, as earrings, a pendant or tucked into clothing near the heart. Rose quartz can also be helpful when meditating, hold in the left palm.

Rose Quartz

Prehnite is the stone that heals the healer. It removes clutter, helping us to release things that are weighing us down. This is literal as well as figurative. In the home, it can help us to avoid clutter, encouraging us to let go of things we no longer need. In the heart, it helps us to clear out what we pick up as we support others. If you work as a teacher, care giver or advocate, prehnite is for you! Hold at heart center while at rest or during meditation, wear as a pendant or tuck into your clothing near the heart.

Blue Calcite

The throat chakra supports clear and comfortable communication. Blue Calcite is one of my favorite throat chakra stones. Wearing it at the throat or ear lobes brings a soothing sensation to the throat. It cools our words when we may feel a little hot under the collar. Affordable and easy to find, blue calcite a must.


Amethyst stimulates our third eye chakra, located at our brow. This helps us work with our intuition, leading to deeper insights into ourselves and others. Wear amethyst at the ears or place on the forehead while reclining. It can be soothing placed at the bedside but can also create more stimulation than is desired. Amethyst is also said to support those looking to overcome addictions.

Clear quartz is considered the master healer and balances the crown chakra. Clear quartz vibrates at the highest frequency, bringing everything around it to its highest frequency. It amplifies the benefits of other stones placed near it. Use clear quartz in the home in areas that need an energetic boost. On the body clear quartz can be placed near the crown of the head while reclining, on the wrist, at the neck or ears. A clear quartz cluster sends energy in various directions.

Clear Quartz Cluster

Selenite is also a high vibration stone. It can clear other stones, support the crown chakra and protect your home. Place other stones on or very near it, hold or rest it near the crown of the head or place one piece in each of the four corners of your home to elevate the vibrations. Desert Rose Selenite is also known as gypsum. It has all the attributes of selenite with the added benefit of removing patterns in your life that are no longer working. I like to use it in grids designed to release an unwanted behavior. I also keep a piece in my office near my computer to help me overcome procrastination.

Desert Rose

I hope that you have found this information helpful. These are just a few of the many stones available to fill your crystal toolbox. I chose these specifically because they have benefits for the widest range of people. I encourage you to keep a journal as you work with the stones. This will help you to determine the specific benefits they offer you.

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