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Amethyst, I bet that you can visualize that purple beauty in your minds eye right now! Amethyst is a popular and easy to find stone. The fact that is is readily available does not mean that is is not a powerful addition to your crystal toolkit!

A few things come to mind immediately when amethyst is mentioned, insight, intuition, and sobriety. Amethyst is also tied to dreams, protection, and healing.

Amethyst Points

Amethyst is connected with dream time through her connection to our uppermost chakras, the third eye and the crown. The third eye chakra is our minds eye, our internal vision. The crown is our connection to spirit, our higher power in whatever way you connect with that concept.

At bedtime, tucking a piece of Amethyst into your pillow case, or wearing some, can encourage sleep, even when sleep is usually hard to achieve. The peace promoting aspects of Amethyst encourages soothing dreams so you may choose to tuck a piece into a dream pillow. Remember that Amethyst works with our third eye and crown so prophetic dreams are a possibility.

Tumbled Amethyst

Hold Amethyst in your left hand to invite calmness, peace, and connection while meditating. She supports the conscious mind as well as the unconscious. Critical thinking skills and rational decision making are enhanced as the conscious mind is engaged.

Stimulating our insight and intuition is what makes Amethyst a stone of protection. Wearing Amethyst makes us aware, not only of what is happening on the inside but also of our surroundings. We may find that we are more observant, or that our intuitive abilities are heightened. Amethyst and sage partner well for this benefit.

Amethyst and Sage

Amethyst is said to help in overcoming addictions, particularly alcohol addiction. The word Amethyst comes form the Greek word for sober, amethustos. Greek mythology tells the story of a young woman, Amethyst, who had a not so positive encounter with the Greek god Dionysus. To save her, the goddess Artemis turns her into a clear crystal. Depending on the version that you read, Dionysus, sobered by the incident, either cried tears of wine or poured his wine over the crystal and Amethyst was turned purple.

Light Amethyst Cluster

Amethyst ranges in color from light lavender to deep purple and can be found around the world, from North America to Russia, Brazil, and East Africa. She may take the form of single crystals, clusters of geodes. Amethyst is effective worn on the body, above heart level is best, or in the environment.

If you do not already have Amethyst in your crystal toolkit, I encourage you to get some now. I would love to see your treasured pieces and hear how you used Amethyst.

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