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I get drawn in to the rich green of malachite. It speaks deeply to may heart, which makes sense as Malachite connects with the heart chakra.

Polished Malachite

Malachite’s receptive nature helps to awaken the heart to what it truly important to each of us. Like the Earth to whom she is connected, Malachite is a stone that has the ability to deeply cleanse. Malachite helps us to move forward, releasing stagnation and the effects of trauma. Increased endurance may be a beneficial side effect.

Malachite modulates strong emotions making her a beneficial stone for meditation. Holding Malachite at the level of your heart while meditating can support a healthy stress response and the release of anxiety. The calming effect also encourages restful sleep. Discontinue use if you notice heart palpitations.

The name Malachite comes from the Greek word for soft, malakos, which relates to the low number that Malachite hits on the hardness scale. If you use it in an elixir, the softness and the copper composition means that you should only use the indirect method of preparation. Any way that you choose to work with Malachite, polished is your best option if you will handle it.

Malachite increases the perceived effect of energy around you. If you are a highly sensitive person or identify as an empath, consider this before you work with Malachite. She can be a fabulous partner for you as long as you can identify when this effect has kicked in.

Malachite, with Pyrite shining in the background

Business people also benefit from the effects of Malachite. It is said to attract money when stored in the cash drawer, I would pair it with Pyrite, or placed in each of the four corners of the building.

As if we needed more reasons to partner with Malachite, she is also a stone of protection! I found a number of sources that state Malachite will break apart as a warning that danger is near. This has not happened to me. Has it happened to you?

the Stone Vision Oracle

Malachite is a big part of my practice, and my life. I use it in Energy Balancing Sessions, she appears in the Stone Vision Oracle, and I wear Malachite fairly frequently.

Do you have a relationship with Malachite? Tell me about it!