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Releasing overwhelm

My Happy Place

To be completely transparent, sometimes I get overwhelmed, things feel like too much, or I just feel too full. Maybe you do too.

The Full Moon itself contributes to a sense of fullness, completion. It stimulates the need to release, to let go of things that are outdated. This can also be applied to things that are too heavy to continue holding, or that may not even be ours to hold at all. As we are moving in to the energy of a full super moon, this is the perfect time to drop back into gratitude and let go of everything else.

I find that walking alone allows me to fully connect with my higher self. In this state I most often feel gratitude. Yes, even overwhelm encourages me to feel gratitude for the abundance of opportunities for joy and growth.

Smoky Quartz

This past Sunday I was definitely feeling a sense of overwhelm. I have taken on a little too much lately and I was feeling it. I grabbed two smoky quartz and dropped one into each of my shorts pockets before heading out for a long walk. Smoky quartz is balancing, both physically and spiritually. Spiritually, it connects with the energy centers at your root and your crown. Physically, it can steady you, help you feel more stable as you move. If you use it in this way, keep it in your pants pocket or on your lower body so that it stays closer to your root. (You can read more about smoky quartz in this blog post.)

Smoky Quartz in my pocket

For me, the best way to achieve a meditative state while walking is to tune into the rhythm of my footsteps rather than a playlist. Awareness of the rise and fall of my feet, the feel of the sun and air on my skin, and the sounds around me create a sense of calm and connection. I welcome peace, harmony, and gratitude in with one step, then release overwhelm, discord, and ingratitude with the next. This practice, combined with the smoky quartz in my pocket, led me to a deep sense of peace. 

Since then, I have been journaling, and using some new crystal protocols to get clarity of mind. Today I am expressing gratitude for my lessons and releasing my grasp on what is no longer mine to hold. 

Other stones that may be helpful when you are feeling like I was include:
Lepidolite for stability
Fluorite to help you focus
Garnet to see what needs to stay, and what needs to go
Prehnite to remove clutter
Snow Quartz for clarity

I would love to hear what you do when you feel overwhelmed. Let me know!

I’ll see you soon!